Information about travelling with dangerous goods

Dangerous goods

In aviation some usual items from the normal everyday life could be so dangerous, that it isn’t allowed taken them neither on aircraft nor within travelling baggage.

The transport of dangerous goods is subject to the strictest regulations.


According to ICAO/ IATA regulations, dangerous goods within baggage is strictly forbidden

Dangerous goods may be:

  • Smartphones type Samsung Galaxy Note 7. These smartphones must turn off and it isn’t allowed load them during flight
  • Briefcases with integrate alert and also integrate Lithium-batteries or pyrotechnic material
  • Explosives, Fireworks, Torches, light- or smoke signals
  • Containers with gases (flammable or non flammable, frozen, liquidized or toxic), for example protection spray, Stove, filled pressure bottles, lighter gas, soda patrons
  • Containers with flammable liquids, e.g. lighter- or wash petrol, colors, varnish, adhesives, dilution fluids, detergents, heating fluids
  • Flammable and highly flammable substances, e.g. matches
  • E-cigarettes (must only carried within hand luggage or on body from traveler on every flight)
  • Substances which become flammable gases if they get in touch with water
  • Oxidizing substances, e.g. bleaching powder, superoxide
  • Toxic and infectious substances, e.g. quicksilver, bacteria- and virus culture
  • Radioactive substances and articles
  • Corrosive substances, e.g. acid, alkali/base, spillable batteries
  • High magnetic material
  • Gas-operated devices and tools which already contained the smallest quantity of gasoline (e.g. test purposes)
  • Electro shock weapons, e.g. Taser
  • Lithium battery or accumulator (It is allowed to carried maximum 2 single Lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries up to 160 Wh as spare cells for electronical consumer goods (e.g. laptops, mobile phones, watches or cameras). The Airline‘s prior consent must be obtained if separate batteries or rechargeable batteries with an individual rating of between 100 Wh and 160 Wh are to be carried on board.


    The transport of means of transport which are lithium-batterie operated is strictly forbidden

    The transport of electronical means of transport, which are operated with lithium batteries, isn’t allowed in checked baggage as well as carry on baggage on aircraft. This regulation is applicable irrespective from capacity from the batterie.
    To these types of means of transport belongs e.g.:

    • Hoverboards
    • Segways
    • Airwheels and Solowheels
    • Baggage scooter
    • E-bikes with lithium batterie

      Wheelchairs or other mobility aids, which are powered through lithium batteries, are non effected from it’s prohibition but it’s notifiable.

      More information in regard of transportation of dangerous goods are subject to ICAO Dangerous Goods Regulations which can be found on website of EASA.

      and on the website of the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency


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